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    260 Lite X


    Innovative Micro Tender

    Length: 8' 6"

    Weight: 55 lbs

    Rec HP: 2.5 - 6 HP

    Max HP: 8 HP

    Capacity: 3 people or 793 lbs

    300 Lite X

    Small Portable Multi-Use Tender

    Length: 9' 10"

    Weight: 66 lbs

    Rec HP: 2.5 - 8 HP

    Max HP: 10 HP

    Capacity: 4 people or 809 lbs

    340 Lite X

    Portable Family Favorite

    Length: 11' 2"

    Weight: 79 lbs

    Rec HP: 2.5 - 10 HP

    Max HP: 15 HP

    Capacity: 5 people or 1,135 lbs

    380 Lite X

    Fishing/Diving Favorite

    Length: 12' 6"

    Weight: 92 lbs

    Rec HP: 6 - 15 HP

    Max HP: 20 HP

    Capacity: 6 people or 1,410 lbs

    420 Lite X

    Powerful Safety Boat

    Length: 13' 9"

    Width: 110 lbs

    Rec HP: 15 HP

    Max HP: 25 HP

    Capacity: 7 people or 1,576 lbs

    Unparalleled Versatility

    Swim Scuba Snorkel

    Takacat's Open Bow design allows for quick and easy entry and exit. Children and dogs can be easily assisted into the boat without having to be hoisted over the outer tubes.

    The Tube Transom® design prevents the Takacat from holding any water as swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and dogs move in and out of your boat. 

    Takacat's unparalleled portability allows you to go further than ever before and explore new waters!


    You can have all the fun that comes with a bass boat, without any of the transport or storage issues.

    The Takacat's drop stitch PVC air deck floor provides a wide, stable platform to ensure you make the perfect cast. 

    The added buoyancy provided by the inflatable design means you don't have to sacrifice gear/cooler weight to bring a friend along.

    The Takacat's lightweight design and catamaran style hull make the boat easy to row and reduce the HP needed in a motor. Takacats pair perfectly with electric motors, providing access to lakes with motor limitations. 

    Yacht Tender

    A Takacat dinghy is the perfect tender for your larger boat. 

    The Tube Transom® design allows the boat to be folded into a small storage footprint, saving your valuable space aboard. The Tube Transom® design also prevents the Takacat from holding any water as you tow it.

    The catamaran design of the Takacat hulls means much less of the boat drags in the water compared to a traditional dinghy. This feature, coupled with the lightweight design of Takacat dinghies, makes them perfect for towing behind your larger boat. 

    Takacats also come with conveniently placed D-rings that allow easy storage using your davits.


    Imagine your next duck hunt without the need for a trailer! Takacat's unparalleled portability will take the hassle out of getting your boat to the water.

    Takacat's Open Bow design allows your retriever quick and easy entry and exit without the need for a ladder. 

    The Tube Transom® design prevents the Takacat from holding any water as your dog comes in and out of the boat while you hunt.

    Conveniently placed D-rings provide plenty of attachment points for gun boxes, coolers, and supplies. 

    Camo print tubes coming soon!

    Marine Research

    Takacats are used around the world for various types of marine research. Takacats are being used to support scientists doing research of leatherback turtles, orcas, and whales. 

    We are dedicated to doing what we can to support environmental protection, marine life protection, and marine research.

    Takacats can be custom made to support your marine research project. If you are looking to use a Takacat for marine research, please reach out to us directly so that we can work together to meet your specific needs. 

    Search and Rescue

    Takacats' lightweight design, quick build time, and portability make them the perfect search and rescue or safety boat. 

    Takacats are used by boating education programs, river rescue teams, and race clubs around the world.

    If you are interested in using a Takacat as part of a search and rescue team, a boating education program, or any emergency response application please reach out to us directly. We support first responders and education programs and would love to work with you to find the right fit for your needs.